Types Of Buses Available to Rent In Florida

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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1

Example #1:

A youth group from Naples is planning a day trip to Fort Myers Beach. They have 34 teenagers and 8 chaperones that need transportation. We provide a quote for a 42 passenger bus to accommodate the group. The bus will pick them up in Naples at their church at 8 AM and drop them off at Fort Myers Beach at 10 AM. They spend the day enjoying the beach, shopping, and eating. At 4 PM, the bus picks them up from Fort Myers Beach and drops them back off at the church in Naples by 6 PM. For this 10 hour rental, we quote them $980. The cost per person ends up being around $25. We make the process easy by providing instant online quotes right on our website. Just enter your trip details and you’ll get a custom price estimate for your group’s Fort Myers charter bus rental.

Example #2

Example #2:

A local church group in Fort Myers is planning a day trip to Orlando. They have 45 people signed up to go. We provide a quote for a 45 passenger charter bus rental for the 150 mile round trip from Fort Myers to Orlando. We charge $2.25 per mile, plus $100 per hour. The total driving time is estimated to be 5 hours round trip. So the mileage charge is 150 miles x $2.25 per mile = $337.50. The hourly rate is 5 hours x $100 per hour = $500. We add the two together for a total quote of $837.50 for the day trip. The church group decides to book the trip and pay a little extra for a few onboard amenities like WiFi and power outlets. In the end, the total cost comes out to $950 for the day. The church group has a wonderful visit to Orlando and the bus driver receives a generous 10% tip for providing excellent service.

Example #3

Example #3:

A youth football team from Cape Coral is traveling to Fort Myers for an important playoff game. The team has 45 players, coaches, and parents that need transportation. We provide a quote for a 56-passenger charter bus rental for their trip. The bus will pick them up at 8 AM in Cape Coral and drop them off at the stadium in Fort Myers at 10 AM, then wait at the stadium for 4 hours during the game. It will drive them back to Cape Coral after the game ends around 3 PM. For this 7 hour charter bus rental spanning about 30 miles roundtrip, we quote them $980. With Florida’s sales tax, it comes out to $1,039 total. The coach happily pays it to avoid the hassle of coordinating carpools or paying for parking at the stadium. He tips our driver 10% for providing excellent service, bringing the total cost to $1,143. Traveling together as a team helps build camaraderie before a big game.

Instant Prices via Text & Email Available - Click Here